Artists can Escape to the Great Outdoors

Artists Escape to the Great Outdoors with  Portable Field Easels


Escape the studio

If you are an artist and love to paint, you probably don’t want to wait until you get home to paint whenever the mood hits you. I use a travel easel whenever I leave the house. I like to have the ability to stop by a beautiful natural scene and start painting. It is a suitcase type that can hold my supplies such as tubes of paint brushes and paper.

The thought of boxing up the paint tubes, paint brushes, palette, easel and stand into the trunk may not appeal to you. But, if you had a way to put all your supplies and easel into a small space and could carry them with you where ever you went just might.

The travel easel for painters is great idea or those you love to paint away from home. It also will enable you to paint more and sell more.

Just imagine being able to carry a travel easel with all your supplies over your shoulder and paint a meadow, a water fall or an old barn.
Today's easels come in different sizes, materials, and made for all budgets.

French Easels Review Video

Most portable travel easels are made from wood that fold up into a suitcase are the perfect solution for painters who are so inspired when away from home. I have a French style sketch box travel easel that folds completely up into a suitcase and it holds all my supplies when I’m away.
The easel stand adjusts up and down to accommodate sizes to 34’. See the photos in this hub to how it looks open and closed.
the travel suitcase easel unfolded
There are other types of course, and vary in prices from $49.00 to $199.00.You could pay more depending on wood and construction.
The lightweight folding aluminum easels are another lightweight and budget friendly alternative. They can run between $15.00 to $49.00.
If you are a nature lover and want to paint more outside this is a great way to accomplish this. You might get more fresh air and exercise and possible meet other nature artists!
To use it, I simply open the box, turn each of the three legs outward and extend manually. Then I tighten the wing nuts to insure support. The storage draw pulls out to hold supplies and mine stands approximately 60” high.
So if you like the ability to paint away from home,then the travel easel is for you!You can use the travel easel for fun and profit!

                                    Children Painting

green children activities


Children's easels

I have been reviewing children's easels lately and realized that young artists are just as interested in these as an adult artist.

The children's easels are a little more sturdy and they may be a bit heavier than the travel easel, but an adult can take these along with them when they paint outside. Some of them are too heavy for a small child to carry so be sure to take the child with you to pick out the easel. Let them try to lift them and carry them in the store. If they struggle, then that easel is too heavy to handle.

If children are to start painting on their own stands, then their equipment shouldn't be a problem.
I hope you find the easel you like and take your children outside to paint. Children who like to paint alongside their parents can learn patience and relieve stress.

Watch the video of the little girl using an easel. She's a natural!

Summary of Traveling Artist Easels

Becoming mobile and getting out of the studio can be a wonderful way to gain new natural subjects to an artists portfolio. Seeing nature in the raw and being able to paint on the sight adds new dimension to any work of art. An artist needs an easel that's easy to use and travel with.

Artist easels come in different sizes, materials and functions. The suitcase easel is made to travel and is handy to store all your supplies.They are been around for centuries but now are made better for portability.

Children also like to paint and I find it relaxes them. Start painting with your kids and you'll see a difference in their attitude.

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